Our clients are raving!

"Adrian is a stellar and versatile trainer. He pays attention to details and I was pleasantly surprised at his ability to help me with my golf game, specifically with the biomechanics of the swing. He explained the importance of proper breathing and posture during the golf swing and this has helped tremendously with consistency. If you are looking for a trainer with an abundance of knowledge, versatility, professionalism, and strong interpersonal skills, Adrian is your guy!"

Bankole A.

"Using his professional training and athletic instincts he has honed me into an almost single digit handicapper from the mid-twenties in less than a year. This is way beyond what my goals had been. Adrian has helped me in more ways than I can say. The discipline of training both physically and mentally has carried over into my personal and professional life and has changed everything for the better."

Charles L.

"If you have an injury, or simply want to improve in a sport, Adrian can provide an excellent, custom tailored solution. I initially only expected to workout with him for 2-3 months until my lower back improved, but I have become quite addicted to staying fit, and having a new and interesting workout every week."

Tom L.

"I have issues with my back which prevent certain types of exercise to be done and am under a chiropractor's care. In the time Mr. Rusiecki and I worked together, my stamina, mobility, flexibility, muscle tone, and spinal status improved considerably. My doctor is very impressed with the progress I have made while working with Mr. Rusiecki."

Mary Jo G.

"The mental focus and physical preparation provided was extremely professional and supportive. My son was training for Basic Law Enforcement and not only lost weight and improved his overall fitness, he passed all requirements and gained and overall better mindset. Highly recommended Adrian as a personal trainer!"

Dianne B.