You belong here.

Thanks to years of experience, Adrian is able to accommodate a variety of training styles and offer customized client outcomes. Whether you're looking to begin a new health journey or take your tennis game to the next level, AR Wellness can help guide you to results.

AR Wellness is proud to serve anyone and everyone, including those who may be differently abled, use mobility aids, or desire other types of accommodations. Wellness for life means wellness for all.

Where do we train?

Now offering in-facility training!

We're excited to now offer facility training in Wake Forest!

We can accommodate clients of all experience levels in our facility in Wake Forest. The gym provides a wide variety of machines, free weights, barbells, and more to ensure an engaging and customized training experience. For cardio, there are treadmills, bikes, and plenty more to get your heart rate going.

For those who use mobility aids or need more room, there is plenty of space to accommodate.

For more information, contact us.

The comfort of your home.

Many of our clients have us come to them! We're able to provide our excellent standard of service in the comfort of your home. We bring our equipment or we can use yours, whichever you prefer. Whether it be a living room, a garage, or any other space, you'll get an incredible workout!

The ultimate convenience is having our extremely qualified and experienced trainer coming to your home to provide a workout before you go to work, during your lunch break while you work from home, or in between all your other responsibilities.

How much does this attentive and convenient service cost? Less than you might think! For more pricing information on our in-home services, click here.

Virtual training? No problem!

For a no-contact training option you can do any time, anywhere, sign up for our virtual training sessions! Our trainer walks you through a full workout, never compromising on form and technique and the exceptional training you expect from AR Wellness.

No special equipment is needed! All you need is a phone or a laptop, an internet connection, and a comfortable space to move around in.

Note that all new virtual clients are required to have an in-person assessment prior to beginning virtual training.

Types of Training Services:

General Fitness

Adrian creates a custom plan for each client that addresses specific concerns, fits with the client's lifestyle, and is based on the client's goals and desired outcome.

These plans typically include a mix of strength training, cardio, and stretching. Correct form and technique are taught and prioritized at every session.

Plans are also customized to include any special considerations that may be desired. Every activity and exercise is modifiable for any body type!

Corrective/ Rehabilitative Training

For clients who have injuries or other acute issues that need special attention, AR Wellness offers corrective sessions. During these 90-minute sessions, your trainer will guide you through exercises designed to strengthen and mobilize around the injured or recovering area. Each session includes 30 minutes of rehab-specific stretching and cool down time to help the body warm up and recover properly.

Sport-Specific Training

Are you an avid runner or dedicated tennis player? No matter your sport, AR Wellness can help you step up your game!

Our individualized plans focus on taking clients' game to the next level through smart, performance-based training. Whether on the field, the pitch, the court, or the green, your scores will improve!

Youth Fitness

Growing bodies have specific needs and considerations that differ from adults. These workouts include basic combinations of movements that build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Plans can also be customized for specific sport performance.

Group Classes

Want to work out with three or more friends, or provide corporate classes for your employees? We offer group classes in a variety of settings. Form and technique are still a priority in this fun setting!

Contact us for more information on pricing and other details.

Looking for something not listed here? Get in touch! We're happy to see how we can help.